I admit I like Elle Polska. Every month they manage to give me some spicy news. This month DISCOVERY: ajs. This brand lunches their jewellery in Facebook so it has skipped my attention (again- note to Myself!- be MORE Facebook /Twitter active). Minimalist and statement logotype. Only Facebook conection. There is something going... I hope quality of pieces is also good. I guess I will start with Test Shopping and then I will dive further.

my skull burns


I present My AJSChoice which I have made after careful consideration. This is The Best of great selection!!! I will see them all on my wrist together mix with my other blin-blin junk. It has my favourite free spirited summer vibe. I've decided to join Surf Club for longer :) so I will be THAT Golden Good Girl (with secret beach inside of Me/flowing with blue waves) this autumn.
P.S. It will be my almost first online shopping experiance!!! I'm so excited!


This ring (only in turquoise version/much more HIPPIER) totaly made one of my hottest evenings this summer. FF and I have been on trip inside of hot car for 4hours. We reached Warsow on break of almost tropical feeling storm. We felt cooked and tired. It was 10 minuts before Złote Tarasy closure. I run through Topshop sucking all info I could perceive. I made 1 H search in 10 minutes. MIX shoes -nail lack -jewellery junk-newIN-underwear. I met this extrem elongate ring in insane jewellery exposition of hundreds. First look it was "HALLO!" and than it was surely "HALLO!!!". FF backed up. I felt so connected to thos item. Hot purchase/in RUSHrush made hot evenig certainlyboiling and super steamy. Intensive! I've stared on it hole further way and I felt cool and breezy (in SO opposite weather conditions!). It is one of my beloved pices rightNOW!
Topshop FULL FINGER ring

Zadig & Voltaire fairy wish

This season like always has massive guts. Tough love choice- only accessoires.
( REALITY CRASH: I must let go of "I TAKE IT ALL" /incllusive Erin Wasson/ option)

faithful wife

First time I saw this pub in Vogue Paris couple month aho. It was breath taking! OMG! They know how to flavour it up!!! It makes electric impression with Erin W. who is high voltage gal. Lightning bal/tunderbolt SHOPPING!


I have very neurotic approach to hairs. My hairstylist has iron nervs and patient. I take care A LOT of my head! I love big change by small effort. I admire my strong golden crown nowadays even I fight with fringe. For some time I want make some major noise. Braids with some artificial color. Direction- IBIZA drugs meets California shake. Just I'm not sure of the best solution/line of treatment that is why so far I'm on stand by. Healthy hairs are VIP (VIH). I want easy come easy go effect. Still strong! Best resolution I have to have ASAP power meeting with my stylist! Brainstorming :) Before that I leave my head for nature & sun :) with a bit of Kerastase.

not found friend

Jen Brill & Her Ball's

evil style

Jen Brill

sun against moon

Jen Brill

Ass rainbow