While passing by Kalmegdan I was always checking out this place not sure what it actually is. Kind of funny located almost private and hidden Radost wakes up curiosity. At first I was thinking that it is one of those places which pops up just for one guttering of culinary insiders  and then disappears to pop up under different address. Underground-ish cuisine.
Not the case. Radost functions all week except Mondays and serves variously interpreted homie / fresh and healthy food. The base line of dishes is featured on Facebook but staff is more than open for modification at spot. Positive vibes makes Radost place filled with enjoyment. Name suits 100%.  

Down size is actually THE SIZE of the restaurant with a bit of conceptual clash (it is allowed to smoke inside as in all over Serbia but... in health aware restaurants usually smoking is forbidden).
Soon I will DIG IN more. I'm very much tempted every time I see their FB page.
So stimulating!



Dolce vita in DORCIOL has arrived.
Not more than couple weeks old Eatalian Bar with Italian origin and Italian swag stole my heart.
The combination between restaurant bar and delis is a dream come true for style junkies and stylish housewives.
Smooth and easy going atmosphere let you go into deeper tiramisu/lasagna/prosciutto blast & blur.
Made in Italy is The True Theme for autumn to bring up memories sparkling with prosecco and wrapped with warm hospitality.
One bite of chocolate tart or rich tiramisu and it is like Proust's Madeleine Syndrome. But specifically in front of my eyes stand all boutiques of Milan and cappuccino breaks in Rome.
So... Winter won't be so grey after all Amore!

Gospodar Jevremova 47a


I love American FOOD it is pure source of skin problems and enormous FUN as well. It is established food culture and icon image in the same moment. With french fries in mouth you feel as part of something much bigger. Consequences of indulging to often are B.A.D.
So it is contrast there in pleasure and gilt. There is also a lot of contrasts going on with INTERGALACTIC DINER'S new location. Rough socialistic Hotel Jugoslavija is now second address of this American raised and bred up diner.
It is naughty to sit there surrounded with neons/sounds of Elvis and delicious capitalism.
I'm sure that after tones of onion rings + huge burgers with crispy beacon (my No. 1) & blueberry pie you can be intoxicated with fat&sugar to the level where easily you can imagine soviet leader enjoying himself in this decadent west sinful surrounding.

First address: Internacionalnih Brigada 22

Second address: Hotel Jugoslavja Bulevar Nikole Tesle 3
For more details: http://www.intergalacticdiner.com


As a sport FREAK of course I took this challenge on chest but as it occurred it is bloody damn SUPERdifficult. Even 6 years of bad ass pilates didn't prepare me for this experience. I have discovered that I can be yoga fan and surprisingly I can be heat fan but I'm not going to combine those two in one combo anytime soon in cold future.

Reputation of bikram yoga studio is well grounded in reality. Place is cool & modern with experienced & advanced trainers.  Very supportive in hot circumstances.
I felt very SPORThip on beginning of classes and I have turned in boiled shrimp'ette.
As much as I was elevated by my own courage and boldness as soon I was put down by temperature over 40 degrees and humidity. I have struggled my way through fighting with discomfort/weakness/super red face condition to the end. My body thermoregulation was off during next 12h. Situation would be even more extreme in winter with bigger amplitude of temperature...

This idea is overcooked for me but classic yoga is FRESH CONCEPT for me again.

spirit S.P.L.I.T.

Best of Split.
The city charms with labyrinth of narrow surprising streets. Field with tourist and semi-pleasant locals somewhere deep is peaceful in ancient spirit. Mixture of old and beachy. I liked it briefly on my bumpy road in Croatia. Level of shit coming from touristic industry is massive but you can find holiday sparkles. Beautiful city beaches / unexpected findings / excellent Zara and Bershka stores / refine restaurant Zinfandel / vibrant harbor and reminiscences of ancient history are mixing in good MOJO combination.
But anyhow even if Correct Blogging Girl leaves words of gratitude and elegant congrats in her posts I need to say: "F* WORD FOR BAD HOLIDAY'S PEOPLE!!!!"- you ruined my HOLY time and FUCK FINGER showed on the boarder was well deserved.
Now with those cleansing quote I don't look back or spit on you anymore but certainly I'm  NOT LOOKING FORWARD to go to Croatia in next decade.